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Help make a difference...

Help Make A Difference…

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) causes cervical cancer (cancer at the opening to the uterus).  HPV vaccine prevents girls from getting HPV disease and therefore prevents them from getting cervical cancer.  It’s as simple as that! Right now, Health Canada has approved a 3 dose schedule of the quadrivalent HPV vaccine, with doses at 0, 1, and 6 months. The schedule is slightly varied across each province (e.g. 0, 6, and 60 months doses), but all provinces provide 3 total doses.  Researchers in Canada are now studying whether 2 doses are just as effective and long-lasting as 3 doses.

If we have a preventative vaccine, why are some girls around the world not getting vaccinated?  In some places the vaccine is not available like it is in Canada; it is a very expensive vaccine and difficult to find the girls for the follow-up doses, which makes it hard to provide to all girls globally. For girls living in countries where the vaccine is not available, the decision to get vaccinated or not is not their own.

We can see a world where HPV vaccine is delivered to girls worldwide preventing cervical cancer and this means we can see a world where women are no longer dying of this disease. We know that 2 doses of the quadrivalent HPV vaccine works really well to give great levels of protection to girls in the short term. By joining us you can help us find out more about how long that protection lasts and how well it keeps girls from getting HPV disease. With the information from this study and other 2 dose versus 3 dose studies, maybe, we can give less vaccine doses and still prevent cervical cancer.  Fewer doses of vaccine means reduced costs and will make it easier to provide the vaccine globally; meaning more girls and women could get access to the vaccine. This is your chance to make a difference to women in lowering cervical cancer rates.

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Cervical cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer among females worldwide and affects over half a million women each year.

  • Worldwide, 529,828 women are diagnosed with this type of cancer every year
  • Worldwide, 275,128 women die from it every year.
  • In Canada, 1,419 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer every year
  • In Canada 544 die from the disease every year

The way to prevent cervical cancer is to get screened for changes in the cervix and to get the HPV vaccine.  Most countries do not screen for these changes therefore HPV vaccine is the only way to prevent cervical cancer in many places in the world.

Can you see a world where everyone has access to cervical cancer preventing vaccine?  Whether you are a girl who would like to take part in the study or an immunization provider, you play an important role. Join us to make a difference!


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