Quest HPV Study
Help make a difference...



Are you  interested in participating in research that will help make a difference for woman around the world? Before you decide, it is important that you know what the research involves so please be sure to read the study details.

Please read the below list to find out if you can participate in the QUEST study:

  1. Are you female?
  2. Have you had the Q-HPV vaccine doses required on your provinces schedule (either 2 or 3 doses)?
  3. Did you get all your HPV shots within 1 year from the first one?
  4. Are you located in British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec, PEI, or Nova Scotia?

If you answered, ‘Yes’  to all of the above questions then you may be able to join our study!   If you start on the study, you can stop at any time and no one will mind!

To join our study or ask questions, please Complete this form