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New APP to keep track of you and your family’s immunizations

Want to keep track of you and your family’s immunizations on your Iphone, Android or Blackberry? Immunize Canada¬†developed a new, free APP designed specifically for Canadians! The APP allows you to keep track of all your immunizations (including a calendar application that will sync with your phone’s calendar!) and be alerted of outbreaks happening in your area – all on your mobile device! Keep your information right at hand when you need it.

Immunize: The Vaccine Anthem!

Should you get the HPV Vaccine?

Watch an interesting review of the HPV virus and vaccine:

Immunization in Teens: Good News, Bad News

Watch a video about immunization rates in teens and how many girls are not getting the HPV vaccine. Which means they are not being protected against the HPV virus.

From needle poke to freezer

Watch the video below to find out where your blood goes once it’s collected: